1/72 AZModel Me Bf 109 G-10 (Erla, Late Version)

"a plane with a history"

Gallery Article by Gerd Wilcken on Oct 30 2020



The Bf109G-10 became the last large scale variant of the G series. The G series has already been extensively written about in numerous reviews and articles, so I will limit myself to the model here.

In 2015 AZmodel released the first variants of the Bf 109G-10 in 1/72 scale. Some time ago the Erla versions came along and the version built here with the smooth engine casing.

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The bulk box contains three gray injection-molded frames with over 80 parts, a transparent frame with two parts, four decal sheets, and multi-colored instructions for building and painting. 

Some parts are intended for other variants and end up in the scrap box. Construction begins here with the instrument panel. Actually there should be a decal for the instruments here. Unfortunately, this is missing, as is the one for the seat belts. There are beautifully detailed handwheels, rudder pedals, a sight and a control stick. AZ has modeled the side consoles in the fuselage halves.

The main landing gear looks appealing and the flaps are detailed on the inside too. Even the large dents for the wing side (this G-10 had bigger wheels) are available as an alternative. The vertical stabilizers are also available twice. Both exhaust strips are glued into the fuselage from the inside, and when the fuselage and wing join, you have to ensure the correct position.

In some places the surface is a bit rough, but this can be polished away.

Although there are four decal sheets, I couldn't find the decals for the instrument panel and seat belts. Here I used Eduard belts. There are a lot of maintenance instructions included. In the color information, AZmodel refers to the RLM and Humbrol colors.

3 painting variants are possible. After internet research, I built the Me BF G-10 of the 9./Jagdgeschwader 300, "Yellow 8" of NCO Jochen Stiege. His last flight was on April 30, 1945 from Aying in Bavaria to combat American units in the Rothenburg ob der Tauber area and then to the last landing in Salzburg-Ainring in Austria. There the war ended for the Jageschwader 300.

I used Vallejo Model Air-, some older Reko Acryl and Revell Aqua Color Paints. All is airbrushed using a fengd.eu 0,3mm and a Harder&Steenbeck Evolution 0,2mm airbrush, Weathering with Revell Aqua Color, ink and some color pencils.

The Bf 109G-10 series from AZmodel in 1/72 scale is unique on the market and therefore highly recommended.

Gerd Wilcken

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Photos and text by Gerd Wilcken