1/72 LS Bede BD-5B & BD-5J

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Oct 30 2020



One of my most favourite aircraft is the BD-5. 

Alexey Filatov made several, very cool looking BD-5 versions for the very realistic Vehicle Simulator (
http://www.hangsim.com/vehicle-simulator/index.php ) and I could make the flight models, see here: https://youtu.be/VYm09IBMpsc  

Early this year I built a RC-model of the BD-5, which can be seen here:

So now it was time to build the BD-5B and BD-5J from LS in 1:72. The rare kit included both models, I could buy it already some years ago for a fair price. The fitting of the parts is good, the clear parts look fine and the structures on the surfaces are very filigrane. 

I decided to show the B-version airborne, so I added a pilot figure (modified figure in H0 scale) and built a display for it out of a plastic plate and an acrylic rod Ø2mm. The paint scheme comes from the kit, the included decals are also in a good quality and good to handle. 

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The BD-5J should be painted in the colours of the Coors Light Silver Bullet Jet Team: https://youtu.be/18g8g5oJPRc 

Draw Decal (
https://www.drawdecal.com/ ) offers matching decals therefore. The sheet includes decals for three registrations.  

Before attaching the decals I printed reference lines and attached them on the white painted model. So I could paint the silver surfaces and keep the areas for the red decals clear. 

The decals are printed in a very good quality and also fitting works fine. Just the red lines on the wings need to be made a bit longer, so I printed the small red lines close to the trailing edge and attached them right behind the original decals. Would be easier to place the decal on the trailing edge and just make the red stripe in the front a bit longer, but the silver was already painted on. 

The tiny BD-5s were painted with brush and sealed with shiny, clear varnish.

Here you find an interesting video about the BD-5 and its development:

Greetings from Germany.

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt