1/72 Italeri Bf 109 G6/R6

Gallery Article by Goran Djordjevic on Mar 24 2021



We are talking here, in a matter of fact, about the very old model build. It was done back in 1996. Long time before social networking, sharing through facebook, instagram or twitter. After being on several competitions and exhibitions, at that time, it was not published or presented on the Internet until now. So, we are talking about some kind of premiere from the deep past.

The detailing was done in scratch build, according to very good material from various books. Of course, it was never a problem to get good documentation for any version of Bf 109. The only additions were a very basic etched set in the cockpit (one of the earliest Eduard's products ever), and the engine's block in white metal.

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In order to make it unique in every aspect, something different from the known variety of aces' planes and typical camouflages had to be done also. Simple plane with particular registration letters was intentionally chosen from the photo and decals were homemade. 

It would be nice, I think, if every modeller always tried to do as much as possible of his own personal touch to his model. It should be the point of this hobby.

Several times damaged, due to moving and in box transportations, but always repaired after - it managed to survive more less in good condition. 

This model was one of my entries in scratch building. To do so, you will always need two things, to push you forward: Good reference photos, or drawing, and the real passion for a subject you make.

It's not difficult to guess - what is one of my favourite ever planes ?


Goran Djordjevic

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Photos and text by Goran Djordjevic