1/72 Airfix LockheedF-104

Gallery Article by Fernando Torre


This one  goes back to the early 80.,s .....It a Airfix  1/72 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Definitely one of Airfix's worst .....for some reason Airfix had hard time tuning out  accurate kits of Lockheed aircraft in the early days ....remember The 1/72 P-38?? ............ouch!


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I modified it "Kinda" into a CF-104-G, so I could paint it in a tiger meet  paint scheme.  Of course it has no place, compared so some of the F-104 on the ARC site ..but I thought that would be interesting as such anyway ......for a kit I built  some 20 years ago Hope you like it.

Enjoy the photos.

Fernando Torre


Photos and text by Fernando Torre