1/72 Revell TF-104G

Gallery Article by Andreas Dollinger


Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter
Manufacturer: Revell Germany
Article number: 04378
scale: 1:72

Kit:  The TF-104G-Kit from Revell is based on the normal F-104G, there are only new parts for the cockpit added.

The decals allows to building of two different aircraft:

  • Special-painting 25 years JaboG 31 Boelcke (Fighter Bomber Wing 31), 30th April 1984 at Nörvenich near Cologne (28+31)
  • Standard camouflage of JaboG 31 Boelcke, 27+96


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Building this kit has made fun, all parts fit well. Only within the range of the intakes some putty was required. I decided to open the air-brakes besides the fuselage and the box of the drag parachute (with parts from Eduard).

I painted the bird in the standard camouflage of the German Starfighters. I only used parts of the decal-sheet because I wanted to represent a machine of the Jagdgeschwader 74 "Mölders" (fighter wing 74), and so the wing-badge on the tail and the tactical numbers besides the cockpit comes from another kit. I´m not sure if exactly THIS machine was part of the fighter wing 74, but I hope it :)
Some decals unfortunately have a litte bit of silvering, and little details of the model are incorrect, maybe I change this sometimes. Hope you´ll like it nevertheless,

Andreas Dollinger

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Photos and text © by Andreas Dollinger