1/32 Airshowmodels.com Pitts S2C "Hot Stuff"

Gallery Article by Barney Dunlevy


Keeping with the bi-plane theme, here's the newest from Airshowmodels.com...the Pitts S2C in the factory demonstrator scheme "Hot Stuff".  The model is once again a first run production with spectacular decals.  The masters for this kit were produced by Brian Fawcett in the UK and the decal art work is by Greg Thompson of Horizonsnz.com.


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The model is cast in light grey resin and detailing is exquisite.  My sample had only one pin hole in the entire kit.  All components fit very well with only minor clean-up with a sanding stick.

The cabane struts, main gear axle struts, control columns and tail wheel are cast brass.  The canopy (plus a spare for the not so well co-ordinated) is vacu-formed along with the belly window.

There is a large photo-etched fret in the kit which is common to the other Pitts aircraft kits, and some of the items on the fret are not used in the S2C.

The decals were very complicated but they are being re-drafted for better fit and finish and will be silk-screened. Surprisingly the decals went one easily. I have just completed the construction manual for the kit and it is a 12 page full colour booklet with macro-pics of some of the construction process.

The kit is finely detailed and makes for one eye-catching model straight from the box.

Barney Dunlevy


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Photos and text by Barney Dunlevy