1/72 Dekno Short Bristow "Crusader"

Gallery Article by Alex Bigey


Named "Short Bristow Crusader" relating to its designer, as well as "Short Bristol Crusader" relating to its Bristol Mercury radial Engine, this unfortunate aircraft was due to enter the competition during the 1927 Schneider Trophy air race. However, poor performance and development delays, such as ignition and backfiring problems of the Mercury engine, forced the British team to keep it only as training aircraft. Once assembled in Venezia where the race would take place, the only one built banked abruptly and cartwheeled on the sea in the seconds following the first take off. Investigation stated later that aileron controls had been mounted inverted...


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The Dekno resin kit from Spain is rather difficult to build despite the small amount of parts, including a vacform clear part that is really too small to cut out (much easier to cut your own), metal prop and legs (for airplane and trolley), and rudder decals . 

The parts are generally not accurate or twisted, with hundreds of bubbles, but I managed to do something that looks like the real airplane with lots of CA glue and sanding.

Alex Bigey


Photos and text by Alex Bigey