1/48 Hasegawa F-15DJ

Gallery Article by Yusof Zakaria on July 27 2003


Kit was done OOB, unfortunately the kit doesn't have a correct exhaust for the turkey feathers as it was a older version of the DJ kit.  I robed a pair from an Academy F-15e kit.


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Did take me some time to achieve the desired camo patterns and paint mixing as FS colors are a bit out of scale.

The Twobobs decals went on well after a few coats of future....although it did take me 3 days!!! to apply the decals,  there's too many stencils.

Overall I enjoyed building this DJ despite some accidents ect (broke the nose, wings, stabilizer and ohh landing gear).

Yusof Zakaria

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Photos and text by Yusof Zakaria