One-Oh-Four Galore

Gallery Article by Alexander Sidharta & Iwan Winarta on Aug 17 2003

  Indonesia Independence Day 


Six sleek, tall models in sexy colorful dresses walk along the sidewalk, causing some guys turning their heads, eyes staring, jaws dropping …….

I WISH ….. !!!!!

Okay, let’s rephrase it…. Six F-104 models in colorful special markings… blah… blah…. blah…. You know the rest…..  

It’s the “Flying Babes” group build held in Jakarta, Indonesia on June-July 2003.  Among the aircrafts present are these 6 F-104 Starfighters (all in 1/72) in various special markings scheme.


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Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6

Photo 3:    Canadian CF-104 Tiger Meet 73 – by Iwan Winarta     Esci/Italeri kit with Modeldecal

Photo 4:    Italian RF-104G “Strega” (The Witch) – by Iwan Winarta      Esci/Italeri kit with Cutting Edge decal

Photo 5:    Italian F-104S Tiger Meet 88 – by Iwan Winarta      Esci/Italeri kit with Tauro decal

Photo 6:   Italian F-104S “The Last Starfighter”, Tiger Meet 1996 – by Alex Sidharta     Hasegawa kit with Cutting Edge decal 

Above Photo:  Italian F-104S with Cat & Mice on port side of the fuselage, 
the marking is to commemorate 50th anniversary of 51º Stormo 
Model by Alex Sidharta Hasegawa kit with kit decal

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Photo 7

Photo 7:    Canadian CF-104 Red Indian – by Alex Sidharta       Esci kit with kit decal

A lot has been said in the ARC Gallery about these 2 kits so we will not go into details about construction, accuracy, etc. Let’s just say that both the Esci/Italeri and Hasegawa kits are enjoyable builds, though not “slap together” kits.

The Hasegawa one is still the best F-104 kit so far in 1/72, while the Esci kit, which has been reboxed by AMT, ERTL and recently by Italeri, was the best 1/72 F-104 before the Hasegawa and Revell/Monogram Starfighters were released, but still can hold its own sitting side-by-side its newer contenders.

Enjoy ! 

Alexander Sidharta & Iwan Winarta

Article by Alexander Sidharta & Iwan Winarta

Photographs by Alexander Sidharta

Special thanks to Peter Nur Asan for lending his place for the gathering.


Photos and text © by Alexander Sidharta & Iwan Winarta