1/48Promodeler A-4H "Ayit"

Gallery Article by Albert Moore on Aug 27 2003


A-4F Skyhawk converted to an IDF/AF A-4H "Ayit"

This is A-4H Ayit #34 from the 109 (Valley) Squadron.  It was the first Skyhawk to come from McDonnell Douglas with the 30mm DEFA cannons installed (A-4H #03 was the first IAF Skyhawk to be fitted with the DEFA cannons, which were locally installed). 


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The modelwas built mostly box-stock, thoughI did add a few extras:

  • 1. Cutting Edge ESCAPAC ejection seat

  • 2. DEFA 30mm cannons from a Hobbycraft A-4 kit

  • 3. Mk. 82 Snakeyes and MER from a MonogramA-6 kit (got this from readingEverett McEwen's A-4M articles here on ARC)

  • 4. LAU-3 Zuni rocketpods from a Hasegawa weapons set

  • 5. UHF antenna from plastic card added to the vertical stabilizer

My model was finished with Humbrol and Model Master enamels. The colors are FS 33531 (Hu121), FS 30219 (Hu119), FS 34258 (MM2029), and FS 35622 (Hu23). The green on the drop tanks is FS 34227 (Hu120). The pattern was applied freehand with an Aztek A470 airbrush. The markings are from Isradecal (IAF-17). The weathering was accomplished with a thinner wash for the panel lines, and pastels applied to the base colors to give a faded appearance.


Albert Moore

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Photos and text by Albert Moore