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Gallery Article by Unicorn Teamwork group on Aug 31 2003

  Malaysian National Day 2003 


This project is a groupbuild to commemorate the 46th Malaysian National Day on 31st August 2003. For this purpose two BAe Hawk Mk 108 were built out of the box using the Italeri 1/72 Hawk Mk 100 kit and painted with Gunze H335. Decals used are the soon to be released Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Hawk Mk. 108 sheet from Unicorn Hobbies Worldwide, based in Kuala Lumpur.  

The BAe Hawk Mk. 208 was built using the front half of the Matchbox Hawk 200 kit grafted onto the fuselage and wings of the Italeri Hawk Mk. 100 kit. The inflight refuelling probe and cockpit were scratchbuilt along with several other small details.


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Hawk 108 in the colours of RMAF No. 6 Squadron, and is fitted for aerial combat with kit sidewinders.

Hawk 108 wearing the markings of RMAF No. 15 Squadron, ‘Panthers’, fitted with Hasegawa 500lb bombs, kit sidewinders and Aden pod.

Hawk 208 was finished with decals modified from the  Unicorn Hobbies Mk. 108 sheet to represent an aircraft of the RMAF No. 6 Squadron. The rear half of the Matchbox kit was substituted with Italari parts because we were unhappy with the accuracy of the Matchbox Hawk 200. As we would later discover, the Italeri kit wasn’t really accurate either but it was still a major improvement over the Matchbox one.

The Canadair CL41G or the Tebuan as it is known locally was built out of box using the 1/72 Snowbirds Tutor kit from Hobbycraft, which provided decals for the RMAF.

Hobbycraft A-4C in Malaysian colours. Built out of box and finished with Unicorn Hobbies A-4PTM decal sheet of RMAF No. 9 Squadron. This model depicts the A-4PTM (Peculiar to Malaysia) in the two-tone camouflage operational scheme.

The CAC Avon Sabre was built using the Academy F-86F kit with the High Planes Models fuselage conversion set. This model represents aircraft FM1983 of RMAF No. 11 Squadron. 

All models were built in three days by the Unicorn Teamwork group to meet the Malaysian National Day dateline for ARC submission. Hope you will enjoy looking at the models as much as we enjoyed making them.               


Unicorn Teamwork group

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