1/48 Hasegawa A-4F Skyhawk

Gallery Article by Creighton L Henthorn Jr on Sept 4 2003


Here is my model of Lady Jessie of VA-164 ďGhost RidersĒ. For the story behind the plane check this link out http://www.skyhawk.org/3E/va164/VA164D.HTM - JESSIE

I used the Eduard photo-etch set on this one. I also replaced the seat with a Verlinden seat. I used my typical weathering method of an enamel wash. I used the kit decals on it. Itís a great kit and I enjoyed building it. The only thing I was worried about was it being tail heavy, especially since I didnít think about it until it was put together. Fortunately itís not but it could have used some wait in the nose. She looks great sitting next to Showtime 100.


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The thing I liked most about the photo-etched detail set is the fact that it came with speed brakes. They definitely add to the overall appearance of the finished product. They didnít cause me any problems going together either.  

Once again for some unknown subconscious reason I armed another Viet Nam era jet with AGM-45ís and Mk.82ís. (Showtime 100 is armed the same way)


Creighton L Henthorn Jr

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