1/72 Airfix AT-27 Tucano

Gallery Article by Marlon Guevara on Nov 26 2003


Peruvian Air Force
st Aerial Group, "Las Palmas" AirBase, Chorrillos, Peru

I like a lot build this little airplane, many conversions were necessary and it was  real challenge to me.

Airfx kit is really good, fits very well, needed little putty, but on the other hand, decals are really bad, a shame of this beautiful model.


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This kit represents T-1 Shorts Tucano,so to convert it into Embraer Version,the following modifications were necessary:

  • Nose elogating in 2 mm.

  • Modification in position of both engine exhaust.

  • Modification in position of cowling air intakes.

  • Reduction of propeller blades number,4 into 3.

  • Elimination of ventral air brake.

  • Shortening of both wings tips.

Selvatic nocturnal antinarcotic patrols camouflage:
Dark Tan (FS 30219), Medium Green (FS 34102), Beret Green (1171) and Flat Black (FS 37038)

Emblems made in Peru, some from the kit, jaws and unit handmade.

This kit represents the AT-27 Tucano that serves at 514th Aerial Squadron of nocturnal anti-narcotic patrols, based at "Las Palmas" air base in Chorrillos, Lima.

I dedicate this work to my dear friend, the Mexican artist Carolina Tejeda, I really hope to be at her level.

Marlon Guevara

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Photos and text by Marlon Guevara