1/48 KP Su-17M4

Gallery Article by Sergei Galicky on Dec 12 2003


I began this model with the following items: decal Linden Hill -Fitters over Afganistan, Eduard Su-17/22М4, cockpit from NeOmega, wheels Equipage.


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For construction I chose from decals of a known variant Su-17М4R with the number 07 from the known variant Su-17М4R by the container KKR, and in decal is present shark mouth for the container. Initially on the model I created mechanization of an open wing airbrakes, plus some doors are made.

As well as the Linden Hill decals, I still used stencils from 48011Hi-Decal, in an effort to exactly match the real aircraft. During work I also used stencils from decal КР, printed Propagteam and 48010 Hi-Decal.

The painting of the plane is from studying a colour picture the left side, black-and-white photo the right side and several photos of planes from this squadron, which have similar figures stains. In a result, the circuit of colouring has turned out with a level of reliability of percents 60-65. Five colours in the circuit look a mistake artist for camo more than 4 colours in VVS USSR was not applied.

The construction of this model has occupied from me about 2 years, but certainly, I was not engaged in it continuously, sometimes assembly stopped, I was engaged in other planes and this model would sit for months without being worked on. 

Besides the accessories I mentioned, I would recommend a crew ladder from a firm called Part, and instead of airbrakes if to do by their open a set from Cutting Edge.

Sergei Galicky

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Photos and text by Sergei Galicky