1/48 Hobbycraft A-4Q Skyhawk

by Darius Aibara



There has been a recent debate in the discussion forum about the worthiness of Hobbycraft kits - in particular the Avro Arrow.  I have never liked the look of that aircraft and so I have not entered that particular debate (until now!).  Hobbycraft kits are reasonably detailed but usually have average decals and are moulded in a quite brittle plastic that needs careful cutting and sanding.  They are not the fall together "Tamigawa" kits and so if you know what to expect you should not be disappointed.

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This is the recent Argentinean Navy A4Q kit built out of the box.
Hobbycraft went against type and actually included a decent decal sheet (including bonus RSAF Skyhawk markings).  Humbrol paints were brush applied and light weathering was achieved using a heavily thinned wash of brown/black enamel applied over a couple of coats of Johnson's Clear varnish to prevent the thinners from stripping the main paint coat! 
Result - a reasonable looking aircraft model that was much cheaper to procure than the Hasegawa kit.


Photos and text by Darius Aibara