1/48 Grand Phoenix Fury FJ-4B

by Gerald Dressel



This is my first plane to show here, so I would like say hello to you all. As it is only my 3rd finished model after I started modeling again last year (I haven´t seen a kit for about 25years) I hope you will be easy with me. It was also my first Short Run Multi Media Kit. I like the impression of this particular plane as I think it looks like a shark so I needed to have it. The Grand Phoenix kit consists of a lot of Plastic, Resin and PE. Also included are paint masks, which I used to cut out my own Tamiya Tape masks. The canopy is not that good, but I wasn´t successful in vacuforming a new one so I had to use it. The building process needed a lot of puttying, sanding and engraving of lost detail. All of that was new to me but I tried to give my best. Its not perfect, I know, but I for myself like the result. Hopefully you like it too.

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The cockpit detail is great and needed only a bit of careful painting (I followed the instructions for that), but there is no detail provided behind the seat, so I made this from scratch. I had only some bad photos for that, so maybe its not correct. I added brake lines, new Pitot tube, Fuel probe and guns. The decal sheets contains no stencils, so I added these from other kits.

In conclusion I would say, its not easy to build, but with patience you can get a good result. With more experience than I have, it could be even better. I have ordered my second one now.  


Photos and text © by Gerald Dressel