1/48 Hasegawa A-4B

VA-15 'Valions'

by Steve Zajac



This colorful CAG aircraft (BuNo. 145013) was based on the USS Intrepid (CV -11) which was deployed to Yankee Station from April to November 1966. It's the mount of Commander Ken Bowers according to SuperScale Decal No. 48-762.  That's 45 bombing missions next to VA-15's Lion mascot, and the rudder includes the Tonkin Gulf YC badge as well as the '00' on the blue tip.  You can see a good photo of the plane on p. 6 in Detail and Scale's Colorful U.S. Navy A-4 Skyhawks by Kinzey and Leader.

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This kit was assembled as part of the recent NJ-IPMS / USS Intrepid project.  All aircraft that flew off her deck during a long and distinguished history will be built by NJ IPMS members for an upcoming display at the USS Intrepid museum located in NYC.

The kit was built out of the box, with a Cutting Edge resin ejection seat added as well as the SuperScale decals.  Eduard PE was used for the gun muzzles.  The kit goes together well with a little putty needed for the fuselage seam.

And thanks goes to my lovely wife Brigid for digital photography lessons.


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Photos and text by Steve Zajac