1/48 Monogram "F-86 Sabre"

by Kairasp Daruwala



This is my Monogram 1/48 F-86 Sabre.  This model was made OOB, I had no manual or instructions regarding this model as it was given to me by my friend who had just cleaned his Work shop some decals came from the box rest were Super Scale decals.
At the time of taking these pictures I had not opened the Ammo bay for the  6 Brownings it carried & also the Speed Brakes.

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The model had a very good joints after it was completed Testors Flat Aluminum paint was sprayed with my Badger 200 Air Brush, then decals were applied, but before applying the decals the whole model was given a spray of Testors Gloss in order that the decals stick properly to the model, after decalling again a spray of Gloss was given to protect the decals.  The Pilot figure is from another kit.  Hope you like my model. 

Photos and text by Kairasp Daruwala