1/48 Tamiya D520

"Inside French Forces (FFI)" 

by Laurent "Angus" Beauvais



Hi everybody.

Again something I hope original and making you feel mounting airplanes in French markings.

Everybody knows the wonderfull Tamiya kit and there has been several done here in classic French markings. I have already one and wanted something original. Thanks to the help of collegues on the Master194 forum, I have found this paint scheme belonging to the n 694 based in Tarbes (South West of France) in Sept. 1944, Doret group ( later on GC II/18).

From what I know, this aircraft was built in Oct. 1942 and used by French Army. German did take it in Pau on Nov. the 15th (oh lord they did not ask for any authorization, do you believe that ?), and then it was used by the resistance in 1944 and 45.

Paint scheme is subject to caution, the Lorraine cross, FFI markings, recognition bands, black and white nose and grey spots are for sure, colors now may be German and/or French, or what they had at this time to paint.

Click on images below to see larger images

Regarding on how dirty the plane is, the FFI markings did not stay a long time, but on another hand I have photos showing really dirty aircrafts, so dirty that the side roundels are quite not visible anymore. So I think that here it is possible like this.

And I don't resist to put this D520 aside of my Ju88, maybe they never met, but who knows?


Photos and text by Laurent "Angus" Beauvais