1/48 Falcon Hawker Seahawk

by Colin Whitehouse



With the imminent release of the Classic Airframes Seahawk I thought I'd post my old Falcon Seahawk to whet the appetite. I built this about 5 years ago in New Zealand. The Seahawk has to be the prettiest jet fighter ever, with the possible exception of the P1081 which with a similar fuselage and swept wing evolved into the Hawker Hunter.

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Forget Dynavector Vacforms, this kit is on a different level. It was very challenging and took me almost a year due to the amount of work. Interior is scratch built, gun troughs were made from plastic tube and cannons inserted and intakes were built from scratch. The worst part of the kit was the joint behind the wing where the horizontally split front fuselage and wing met the vertically split rear fuselage and with the jet exhausts in the middle you to make it awkward. Getting it to line up and give the plane the correct sit was taxing. This area then received multiple doses of filling and sanding. No decals were in the kit so all were from the spares box. I really wanted to build the P1081 and couldn't face building another of these. I guessed someone would kit a Seahawk again some time and when they did I'd convert one to the P1081. So here it is and thanks to the Classic Airframe guys for kiting the Seahawk again.


Photos and text by Colin Whitehouse