1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A Hornet

'VFA 113 Stingers'

by Neil Burkill


  US Independence Day 2004 


Built almost straight from the box except for some masking tape for seat belts and the cockpit detail added from wire, plastic rod and stretched sprue. Undercarriage legs also detailed with wire for hydraulic lines etc.

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Actuating rods for the airbrake and retracting ladder were replaced with lengths of chrome plated sewing needles. AIM 9 Sidewinders were scratchbuilt from plastic rod/plasticard and the GBU 12's were scratchbuilt using Mk 82 bombs, plastic rod and sheet and a little wire.

Finished with Humbrol paints with panel lining highlighted with Paynes Grey oil-paint and additional weathering and fading added by airbrushing and some pastel-chalks.


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Photos and text by Neil Burkill