1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109 G6

by Giovanni Saladino



This is my first attempt to take and edit pictures of a model, with Paintshop, not to talk about publishing it on the net.  The model itself is the beautiful Hasegawa Bf 109 G6, with cutting edge posable seat belts ( nice but thick ) and a few scratch built details, plus fishing line stretched with heat and painted black for the antenna.  Camouflage is done with the excellent Vallejo Model Air, that offers a full complement of luftwaffe colours. Decals are the perfect eagles calls, at least after 2 coats of future and a lot of solvaset, of which I have chose the colourful Yellow 11" Bf 109 G-5 W. Nr. 27119 Gerhard Kroll 9./JG 54.  An added bonus is the original picture that comes with the decals, so that you can judge by yourself if the interpretation of the artist is correct.  In this instance I made the mottling more "dense", and used the eagle strike mottle masks that are very useful.  Weathering is relatively heavy, done with Tamara smoke airbrushed, oil washes and Mig Models pigments, made for armour but very good for planes too.  

Hope you like it.


Photos and text by Giovanni Saladino