1/72 Testors B-2A Spirit

by Bret Xu


  US Independence Day 2004 


This kit is built Out-Of-Box.  Testors discontinued this kit a while ago, possibly due to lack of details in the weapons bay and landing gear.  I think Testors meant for this to be an easy model that any one can built. There aren't many parts.  However, the project turned out quiet challenging because many parts don't fit together.

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There are two ways to build this kit. First way is to attached the upper and lower fuselage together and then attach the wings. However, I don't recommend this way as the result fit is almost impossible. I use the second approach: attached the upper wings with the upper fuselage, and then attach the lower fuselage to the piece and finally the lower wings. There were still large gaps after I was done and I had to fill the holes with putty. Since there is no detail in the weapons bay and landing gear, I've decided to build this model in-flight. Plus, I think B-2A looks better when flying.

I read the B-2A is covered in gunship grey. However, personally I find that color to be very weak and ugly on this model. Plus, the surface material is very unique on the B-2 and it reflects different shade of grey under different conditions. Therefore, I decided to mix my own color: 3 parts of German Grey, 2 parts of black, and 1 part of Khaki Drab (the Khaki Drab is not noticeable at all, just wasted my paint). I like the resulting color. The aircraft color shown in the pictures are actually darker than it really is.

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After I was done, I coated the entire plane with Testors Dull Cote. I've heard it yellows when it ages. This project definitely turned out more difficult than I anticipated, but I like the result. Feel free to email me any questions or comments.


Photos and text by Bret Xu