1/48 Revell-Monogram Rafale M

by Iván Peña Nesbit, Venezuela



I build this model about 3 years ago when the model was "fresh" from the moulds. What can I say about it?? just is an amazing kit!! the best engraved panel lines I've ever seen in a Revell-Monogram model. The model was built OOB , with the exception of the flaps and flaperons, that I dropped, and the Rudder. I also have another one waiting to be build, and also two B models. The model building went ok, just lost some panels because the front part is very tricky to join, so a lot of sanding need to be doing in that place, and also on the intakes of the engines.

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I used acrylic car paints, and for the engraved panels, I used Vallejo Paint wash.


Photos and text © by Iván Peña Nesbit