1/32 Revell Hurricane Mk II.A

by Andy Gudbergsson



This is my Hurricane MkII.A. I built it OOB. The panel lines are rescribed, the decals are Eagle Strike Productions decals and I used MM enamels

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I used Black watercolors to high light the panel lines and the rest of the weathering was done with Black, Green and Brown pastels, and Silver for chipped paint.

This Hurricane was flown by Chesley Petterson, 71 Eagle Squadron , Kirlon-On-Lindsey 1941.

I want to thank the guys that helped me during the weathering process...Mike "madmike" Johnson....Trevor McTavish....Bill Bunting and as a result my proficiency in weathering is getting better all the time.

And thanks to you Steve B for all the hours you put into this site, your personal sacrifice is truly amazing.


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Photos and text by Andy Gudbergsson