1/48(?) Smer Macchi MC-200

by Massimo La Civita



My modelling philosophy is "decent models from cheap kits": this is my Smer Macchi mc-200. I built this kit out of the box several years ago, but some times after construction it had an "accident" so it layed in pieces in it's box until two months ago, when I decided to rebuilt and improve it, with no help from aftermarket, of course.

So, I sanded and rescribed all the surfaces, scratchbuilt cockpit, canopy, landing gear and gear bays. Having chosen a quite simple paint sheme (italian "mimetic green 2" over "light blue-gray"), I decided to "catch the eye" representing open oil tank bay, scratchbuilding all the visible inner frame structures. Spares decals were used, only the coat of arms of Savoia (italian royal house since Italy was a kingdom) in the tail cross being handpainted.

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The model was finished in the colors of "white 1" (commander) belonging to 96th squadriglia (sqn), 9th Gruppo (group), 4th Stormo Caccia Terrestre (land fighter wing), operating against Yugoslavia from northern Italy, late 1940 (sorry for historical inaccuracy, but these are the informations I get from the web).


Photos and text by Massimo La Civita