1/48 Monogram B-26 Marauder

by Bob Bartolacci



Monogram's B-26 Marauder has been around for many years. Like many of us, I have several in the stack, but only recently dug one out and built it. The kit offers several options as far as versions and tail turret, but at least in my example little explanation of the combinations. So get some good reference shots!
The Marauder is a sleek airplane with one of the lowest loss rates in the European Theater, and looks fast sitting still! It also has one of the widest ranges of color schemes, stripes, and other markings, allowing many very colorful choices to model.

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I chose the Aeromaster decal sheet markings for Yankee Guerilla, a B-26C-15 of the 553rd B.S. of the 386th B.G.
The decals go on easily and with some careful masking create quite a colorful example of the Marauder.


Photos and text by Bob Bartolacci