1/72 Frog Vultee A-31 Vengeance

by Marcius Cesar Costa



The then just created Brazilian Air Force it originally received between 1942 and 1944 a total from 28 Vengeance registered Mk. II/A-31 AN-581 the AN-608 proceeding from destined supplies the RAF and porteriormente more five former-USAAF A-35. 

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In its short career in the BAF the A-31 had operated in 1 Group of Perforated Bomber, hosted in the Air base of Cruz/RJ Saint. The A-31 of the 1GBP, as well as its older brothers (the Vultee V-11 GB2) had actively participated of the patrol of our coast during 2 War, also carrying through some maneuvers of joint training with submarines of our deurante navy this period, giving our pilots the so opportune tactical experience that would be inestimable in the first years of our aerial weapon.


Photos and text by Marcius Cesar Costa