1/48 Accurate Miniatures 

TBM-3D Avenger

by Bill Lachance



I used Eduard's photo etched detail set (# 48 206) in the construction of this kit. It includes the pilot's seat, all harnesses, bombay and turret details, as well as barrels for the machine guns. It also includes the instrument panel, rudder pedals, throttle, and control levers. It adds some beautiful detail to a great kit.

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This was the white box issue of this kit, and I couldn't find aftermarket decals. Instead, I tried to use the kit-supplied markings. I replaced the "stars & bars" with spares, and used the aircraft number and sparse stencils. The aircraft number was oversized, and I was unhappy with the way it looked. Thanks to a fellow contributor of yours, Matt Swann, I was able to obtain a set of markings from the "Okinawa" release of this kit. I removed the unsealed decals with Scotch tape, and applied the replacements. It now looked much better. I can't say if there WAS a # 307 with the wing-mounted radome, but then again I can't say there WASN'T. The realistically sized markings are more important to me than the accuracy of the number. Besides, I like the way it looks.

The tri-tone camouflage was sprayed with Model Master enamels, applied free hand. I masked the canopies with Scotch "Magic" (frosty) tape, trimmed with a new #11 blade. The tires are Color of Eagles Tire Black, which I find provides a very realistic look.

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The washes are done with enamels, applied over protective coats of Future. I mix the base color with flat black until I get a shade that matches the natural shadows of the model under a light. The drybrushing is a mix of the base color plus Titanium White oil paint. Again, this is mixed until I reach a shade that matches the highlights I see on the model under the light. This was a thoroughly enjoyable build.


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Photos and text by Bill Lachance