1/48 Scratchbuilt Proximan Fighter

by Dan Duna



This is the second fighter built for a group build on FSM.  It is carved from 2lb. density foam block and has brass lazers and antennae installed. I used Tamiya acrylics for painting and weathering. I wanted to keep the texture of the foam and sealed it with Clear Gloss.  I then sprayed  Black over the entire surfaces. I highlighted the center of each panel with White, and then Copper.  This photo shows the Green added for a camouflage finish.

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The 2 photos above show the fighter before painting. I wasn't happy with the wings so cut both half off spanwise.  I then tilted the tips so that the lazers were angled up.
There are 8 sections of foam that form the fighter:  3 for the upper, lower and nose of the fuselage; 4 for the wings and 1 piece for the tail section. I used 3/16 dia. wooden dowels and 5 minute epoxy to join the pieces.  I then cut and bonded .032 dia. brass rods for the antennae and lazers.

Above and below are the first photos I took of the fighter. I used Ulead Photo Express 2.0  for the backround work.  All in all, it took about 2 weeks to finish. I was quite pleased with the results. Now, my Terran Class "C" fighter has some competition!


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Photos and text by Dan Duna