1/48 Academy T-33 T-Bird

by Simone Gazzola



This is my last job: the T-33 in Italian colors. It has been built for the 50th Anniversary of the 51st Wing of Istrana AB (Italy).

It depicts a T-33A (51-87) of the 651st Squadriglia Collegamenti used during 70s and 80s for the training of pilots, as connection between different bases. Its sister version RT-33A was used also for targets towing.

The model is quite correct. It miss some details on the fuselage, and the cockpit is not positioned in the correct portion of fuselage. I have changed the seats with the True Details ones and also used the bulged wheels from True Details. The color Iíve used is Alclad II Aluminium with a base of Gunze Sangyo Black. After letting it dry for one day I polished all the surfaces with cotton. Decals comes from various Tauro Models sheet.

I weathered the models using oil black with thinner. 

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The figures are from an old Monogram kit, modified to obtain Italian style figures. The ladder is scratchbuilt.

Thatís all. I really enjoyed the time spent building this model. Now I hope you all will enjoy what Iíve done.


Photos and text © by Simone Gazzola