1/72 Heller Alpha-Jet  

by Dehouck Youri


  Belgium Independence Day 2004 


Hello this is my first article on ARC. The Belgian Air Force base Brustem celebrated its 40th anniversary on June 28, 1987. On this occasion? Alpha Jet AT-29 was painted in the Belgian national colours with a large silver "40" on the vertical tail. Some time later, the "40" was overpainted and AT-29 became the official "Alpha Jet Display" aircraft flew by Cdt "Louitje" Baum at several air meets in Belgium and abroad.

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This kit was made entirely OOB exept for the decals, they are from DACO. I didn't ad much detail to the kit's cockpit and I also didn't weather this plane because I want it to be clean. I hope you like my Belgian coloured Alpha Jet.


Photos and text by Dehouck Youri