1/144 Revell Boeing 747-400

by ›zzet Celikoba



Hi ,

A while ago I was looking at the aircrafts with colorful paint schemes on internet and this unique beauty was worth the attention . This one carried the Olympic team of South Africa to Atlanta . Accepting that the painting will sure be a challenge I decided to build the model . 35 years in modelling this was going to be my second civil aircraft!

I used aztek airbrush , Humbrol & Testors paints and Glasurit auto polish.


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I had to convert the 747-400 kit to 747-300.  The main conversions are the wings and the engines.  Revell has the Rolls Royce engine whereas I needed PW4000.  So I scratch built these 4 engines.

And as for the painting...


I bought Braz decalsí sheet but used the figures only for reference.  No decals applied on the kit.  I cut all figures on masking film and applied the base color of the figures and then masked the borders between colors and finally removed the figure shaped masking films.  Itís only 1 sentence in writing but took more than a week in practice.

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As far as I know this is the first model of this a/c on the net and I hope

youíll enjoy it as much as I do.



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Photos and text © by ›zzet Celikoba