1/32 Hobbycraft MIG-15 Fagot

by Luc Janssen




As different parts do not really fit together well, especially the wingroots and the connection between
the fuselage main section and the tail section, I had to take some time to fill gaps and to sand bits and pieces in order to get an acceptable appearance.
Furthermore, I reconstructed or detailed the elevator and rudder counterbalances, the flaps and the flaphousings, the airbrakes, the landinglight, the guns and the landinggear. I changed the "sit" of the aircraft by adjusting the length of the landinggear. To add some dynamism to the diorama, I opened a hatch on the left side of the fuselage and I constructed 2 toolboxes and a wheelblock for the front wheel.
For the cockpit and the wheels, I used the superb sets from Cutting Edge. I only had to add some knobs and handles left and right.
Last but not least, I reformed the windshield and the canopy with their framings by vacuforming the new parts.

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Painting was based on the Cutting Edge "MIG - 15 bis Fagot" decals set.
As I like well worn aircraft (note the replacement windshield, canopy and wind leading edge/tip), I sprayed an overall coat of Aluminum followed by several coats of matt + semi gloss varnish. After painting the different colours, I sprayed the necessary coats of varnish to apply and to seal the decals.

I weathered the aircraft with a very diluted wash and different tones of pastel powder.
Chipping off the paint was carried out with lots of patience and care, but with the protective coats of
varnish, the underlaying Aluminum paint was not damaged.

For the paintwork I used Testors - Model Master paints and the varnish was from Microscale.


  • Publikace 4+ Publication Mig - 15

  • Seria "POD LUPA" Mig -15
  • Squadron/signal publications Mig - 15 in action


Photos and text by Luc Janssen