1/72 Revell Westland Sea King HAR.3

by Shaun Bowman-Davies



The Royal Air Force operates the Sea King HAR.3 in the Search and rescue role.  The helicopters prime role is the recovery of downed aircrew, although most of the rescues flown are to help civilians and the yellow RAF Sea Kings are a familiar sight around the coasts of Great Britain.

Missions can range from airlifting injured sailors or fishermen, rescuing seaside day-trippers and search and recovery of lost or fallen mountaineers and climbers.

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I built this model from the excellent Revell Sea King HAS.6/AEW kit.

The Revell kit includes most of the things you need to build an RAF Sea King HAR.3.

In the box you get both types of engine intake filters (Barn door and Sand type) so you can model any British Sea King you like.  Also in the box are all the ESM lumps and bumps, 5 & 6 blade rear rotor, two shapes of Radome and all the spare windows you need.

The kit built very well with good fit all-round.

Changes you need to do to the kit include, drill out rear side windows and insert dome observation windows, rearrange the cabin seats and add a life raft pack to the inside of the cabin to the rear of the main door. I also added a lifting hoist to the underside of the fuselage and a sprue Arial wire on the port side.

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The model was painted with humbrol paints and the decals were a mix of kit items and an old Airfix set from the spares box.  The model is painted in 202 Squadron markings. 

I enjoyed building this colourful Sea King and it was a nice change from my normal jet model building.

Hope you like it


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Photos and text by Shaun Bowman-Davies