1/48 Revell F-15E Strike Eagle

by Gavin Rees



This is the Revell Strike Eagle kit.  It is built OOB, which unfortunately means it only came with 4 Sidewinders and no other weapons.  I am presently collecting the weapons to go on it.  This will include 2 AMRAMMs, 2 Sidewinders, 2 GBU-10s and 4 GBU-12s.

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This was my first attempt at pre-shading and it didn't seem to work out well.  Once the second coat of Future was applied the shading disappeared.  I am not sure what happened about that yet.  The worst thing about this kit was the fact that there are over 100 decals to be applied.  It took me almost 9 hours to apply them all.  I am very pleased with how this kit turned out.


Photos and text by Gavin Rees