1/48 Accurate Miniatures

TBF-1C Avenger 

by Ryan Ahern



Accurate Miniatures' Kit #3401 TBF-1C Avenger. Building an Accurate Miniatures kit is like hitting that perfect drive off the tee in an otherwise mediocre golf outing. All the frustrations of your other builds just go away and you say to yourself, "Yeah, I'll build again." This build was primarily OOTB with exception to the antennae assembly which I manifested using aluminum tubing for the reinforced antennae masts and 4-pound fishing line painted black for the wire. A lot more durable than human hair, but still on the bulky side. Only con is that the color of the insignias were an inaccurate shade of insignia blue. But that's getting really picky. The plane ended up being larger than I thought. These Avengers were big! Definitely a fun build. If you want to build an Avenger, this is a kit to build.


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Photos and text by Ryan Ahern