1/48 Italeri SH-60B Seahawk  

by Gavin Rees



Italeri's 1/48 Seahawk is a welcome addition to the Blackhawk line.  There are some issues with this kit though.  Some are easy to overcome , others not so.  The first thing I noticed that was missing was a bit of a surprise considering they are on the other Blackhawks kits I have done.  There is no folding hinge for the tail assembly.  The Main rotor folds which is nice but there is not detail for folding the tail up.  I also found that there were a lot of gaps that needed filling.  The worst ones are the ones around the overhead windows.  The main gear also stand to high up.  This can be fixed if you are aware of it during assembly.  I wasn't and it wasn't apparent till final assembly.  By then it was to late to cut the shocks down, now I have to live with the error.  I followed the recommendation in the FSM review and didn't use the suggested greys.  Instead I went with Modelmasters 1732 for the underside, 1741 for the top and 1728 for the main area. 

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In spite of the errors and inaccuracies I am glad that I have this chopper in my collection.  I am hoping that somebody does a conversion to make the Carrier born version of the helo  Which has replaced the Sea King in the US Navy.  This kit was my third attempt at pre-shading and I really like how it turned out.  I weathered the exhaust stains with pastel chalks.


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Photos and text by Gavin Rees