1/35 Panda Huey

Philippine Air Force

by Vinny Ibarra and Katze Labrador



Since 1969, the Philippine Air Force operated at least 150 UH-1Hs with its 205th Helicopter Wing. The model depicts an early model UH-1H circa 1981, serving as a security aircraft for Pope John Paul II's visit. It carries full-color PAF roundels and the distinctive zigzag aerials found in early Hueys.

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The model is Panda's 1/35th "UH-1D", although the features makes it more of an "H" model. It is colored helo drab with the PAF decals provided by the club's in-house decal team. Seatbelts and buckles were scracthbuilt while the door guns came from Dragon's Helicopter crew set. 

Vinny Ibarra (IPMS-Phils, The Bert Anido Chapter)

Photos and Text  2003 and 2004 by Albert Labrador and Jose Vener Ibarra