1/288 AER Antonov An-12 CUB

by Charles Kalina



The Antonov An-12 turboprop (NATO reporting name "CUB") was produced in the Soviet Union from 1962-1973, and is similar to the American C-130 Hercules.  Although the type is now obsolete, many are still in use, particularly with former Soviet clients and private freight companies in the developing world.  The aircraft shown here is an Iraqi Air Force CUB circa 1979.

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AER’s resin An-12 kit was a bit disappointing.  It was very pricey for such a small model (about $18 U.S.) and has fit problems, little detail, and brittle parts that break easily.  Soft metal would have been a better medium, but fans of obscure scales (I may be the world’s only 1/288 enthusiast) have to take what they can get.   The Iraqi markings are homemade and are scaled-down from Aeromaster’s “Cubs in the Air” 1/72 scale decal sheet.  The flying stand is leftover from an Airfix kit (the AER kit did include optional landing gear).  I made “spinning propellers” from clear plastic sheet because some of the prop blades arrived broken, and I suspected the rest would not survive very long.

This was my last model project at the Baghdad Hobby Club.  It survived the trip home in my luggage with only a snapped tail.  Fortunately there was relatively little scarring and I was able to hide it with liberal applications of acrylic paint.


Photos and text © by Charles P. Kalina