1/32 Trumpeter F-105D

by Peter Doll



Here are a couple of fotos of my just completed back-dated F-105D in 1:32 built from Trumpeter's late version of the Thud.

The cockpit is from Black Box and is indeed a model in the model.

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When I started this project nearly 6 months ago, no aftermarket conversion sets were available, so I had to scratch-built my favourite version of the Thud and covered the whole model with simple kitchen foil to create a nearly realistic natural metal finish used on early Thud versions.  Later versions of the F-105 received under the project Look Alike an overall paint of silver lacquer to seal the entire surface and this brought the natural metal era to an end.

Meanwhile RC-Resins in the UK has released a nice conversion set to convert Trumpeter's Thud into a back-dated D-version.  The instruction sheet gives you all the information which parts of the kit have to be changed. Telling the truth, it's a lot of work, but the final result is worth it.  The order-number of the RC-Resin-Set is RC 32006.   More details on RC-products can be found on www.rcresins.co.uk.

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I have decorated my Thud with computer created decals, using Super Scale decals in 1:48 as a pattern.  I've chosen an aircraft of the 4 TFW/ 335 TFS homebased at Seymour Johnson AFB.


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Photos and text by Peter Doll