1/48 Monogram McDonnell

 RF-101C Recce-Voodoo

by Peter Doll



I converted a Monogram F-101B Voodoo in 1:48 scale into the Recce-Version of this famous fighter of the sixties by using the resin conversion-set from C&H AERO MINIATURES. I confess that this project was a lot of work and I had to spend around about 100 working hours until the Recce-Voodoo stood on my desk as shown in these pictures.

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C&H offers a nice printed decal sheet for an aircraft of the 66.TRW, 18.TRS while stationed in Europe during the Cold War from 1958 until 1960.  I myself, often had the opportunity to see this wonderful airplane during Air-Shows at Ramstein and Sembach here in Germany.

As usual, I finished my model in a natural metal finish by using simple kitchen foil to give this bird a realistic outfit just as the originals looked like.  And I think that I came close to it. 

After all my experiences with several conversion sets from C&H, I can highly recommend them, if you are interested in getting something special for your model collection.


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Photos and text by Peter Doll