1/48 Italeri CC-130H Hercules

by Shawn 'Phantom' Weiler



This is my 1/48 CC-130H 130329 Canadian Herc.  Far from my best model but most certainly my biggest.

Not an easy build at all. Lots and lots of putty.  However the big thing, THIS IS ONE COOL PAINT SCHEME, it was the universal scheme on the vast majority of Canadian transports up to the 80's.

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The model is OOB, the decals are a 2-3 year search finding bits and pieces here and there. The big CANADA is from a 1/72 707 Canadian sheet. The Canadian flag from a 1/48 Leading Edge Voodoo sheet.
Lightning bolts, I have NO idea who made them, but they were OLD! Lots of tearing and patch ups.
Squadron marks from a starfighter sheet, Yeah so its the wrong squadron, SUE ME!!
The roundels and numbers came from a certain model photographer who is owed a beer at the London airshow this summer.

130329 was lost on a LAPES mission with the loss of all aboard. Its not an easy build, but one that takes up WAY too much shelf space.


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Text by Shawn Weiler  --  Photos by Emil Varosi