The Indian MiG's

1/72 Indian MiG Collection

by Polly Singh



Here are my 1:72 models of all the MiG aircraft operated by the Indian Air Force.  They are the Eastern Express MiG 21-93 (MiG-21 Bis upgrade), Hasegawa, MiG 25 A converted to an RB version, Academy MiG 23 MF with two R-60s and two R-23s, Academy MiG 27 modified to an MiG 27 ML with 4 X 1000lb bombs and 2 X UB-57mm-32 rocket pods (by chopping of the nose entirely and building a new extended and re shaped one out of balsa and shortening the nose oleo to make the tail sit higher than the MiG 23 and adding strakes ahead of the wing root leading edge and armour plate either side of the cockpit). And finally the Academy MiG 29A with Cutting Edge decals for a 28 sqn ACM scheme with two R-27s and two R-60s.


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A MiG 21 leads a MiG 23, 25, 27 and five MiG 29s of the IAF for a historic photo op in 1987.

Photos and text by Polly Singh