Some Wings from Brazil

by Sergio Baptista


  Brazil Independence Day 2005 


Well, itīs party day here at Brazil. September 7 is the Brazilian Independence Day, so to celebrate it, I'm posting some pictures of my aircraft in Brazilian markings.  I hope you like

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I begin with a Hobbycraft 1/48 scale Brazilian Navy Skyhawk. These A4s (at Brazil AF-1) are shiped at the carrier Nae Sao Paulo (ex-frenc Foch), and came from the Kuwait Air Force. 

Next is another naval one: The T-28 of Marinha Brasileira (Brazilian Navy).  Itīs the old Monogram 1/48 scale Trojan.

Letīs see some Air Force now. This is the C119 at the colors of Brazilian Air Force. It was used to transport cargo (of course!) and to drop paratroopers until the arrival of De Havilland Bufalos. I used the well know Italeri 1/72 scale kit to do this.

Now a choper. This is the H19 used, as you can see, at SAR duties by the Brazil Air Force. For this I used the "jurassic"  Revell 1/48 (?) scale kit.

Keeping the theme chopper, but back to the sea, I bring the Sea King used until today by the Brazilian Navy. This time a 1/72 scale kit from Revell AG.

Now letīs see the Army aviation. Itīs a Ecureil of the Brazilian Army used to almost every kind of duty until today, and trough a long time. Itīs the 1/50 scale Heller kit with the addition of adapted rocket pods. 

To finish, a diorama of a C130 of the Brazilian Air Force, these giants will be used for a looong time. The aircraft is from Italeri at 1/72 scale.

Well thatīs it.  All the kits I used FCM decals and standard assemble and paints.
Thank you, and keep modelling!


Click on images below to see larger images

Photos and text Đ by Sergio Baptista