1/72 Academy MiG-23MF 'Flogger' 

by Murli Rajan


  India Independence Day 2006 


Having already done a MiG-23 in regular camo & Indian Airforce having moved on to low visibility grey scheme. I decided to do one in in this scheme. The kit is Academy, quite basic but good, the fit was also ok with a little bit of putty and sanding. Cockpit detailing is nil, so one is forced to keep the canopy closed. I have used Academy and Humbrol enamels. Decals were self designed and printed on a alps printer. Weathering was done with oil paints and a coat of matt was applied later.

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The MiG-23MF; The air defence variant fitted with a R-29 jet engine, a J-Band radar, a Sirena-3 RWR system, Doppler navigation and a small IRST sensor pod under the cockpit. First Russian combat aircraft, which has the ability to track and engage targets flying below its own altitude. India acquired two squadrons of the MiG-23MFs. Nos.223 and 224 Squadrons.  This aircraft is currently serving in the 223 Squadron based at Jamnagar and wishing you all a Happy independence Day "Jai Hind"


Photos and text by Murli Rajan