Kits 4 Kandahar are on the way!  

by Iain Matheson on Oct 9 2006



Gary Porter standing next to the moving truck kindly donated by the good folks at AMJ Campbell Van Lines of Halifax.  Thanks to them, the kits got moved from Gary's place to the dockyard where they will be transferred to a truck heading for Montreal and from there to Afghanistan.  Well done AMJ!!!!

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At 5pm on Oct. 2, the long awaited day arrived and the kits got packed into the truck.  There was a nice round 100 boxes.  Every box had to be labeled and an inventory included.  Kits for Kandahar stickers and packing slips were added at the last minute and in no time at all they were in the truck.  Gary now has his garage back!

There were at last count, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2300 kits, uncounted hundreds of paint bottles, glue and all the other supplies needed.  We had at least 7 complete airbrush set ups, compressors and all!  Thanks to the good folks who donated and to Badger for the compressors.  I guess all we need now is for someone to go to Kandahar to put on a model clinic for the troops!!!  On behalf of Gary and the participating HMM club members I'd like to thank all the cyber community that helped make this project work.  I'm a bit afraid to mention names in case I over look someone so I'll beg your forgiveness now.  Badger, AMJ movers, Mikerian, Borgfelt, NA Hobbies, Maritime Hobbies and others that I no doubt haven't heard about were crucial to the success of this project.  Last but not the least, I'd like to thank Steve for hosting this project on ARC and bumping our updates to the top of the pile to keep you all up to date.


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Photos and text by Iain Matheson