1/72 Airfix CC-130 Herc

by Shawn Phantom Weiler



This is a replacement model.  I had built the 1/48 Herc, but it was just far to big to keep on the shelf.  So I gave it away to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  Next, MadMike had an Airfix group build going.  Then, I found a really old Airfix C-130 at my local hobby store at a real doable price.  This is actually a pretty nice model.  Not much putty needed, some things seem a bit off like the position of the air conditioner unit and the props, but for the price I paid I have no complaint.

So the build was a natural, had to be done.

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The decals are really freakin' old, also bought off someones collection.  They are from flight colours.  I'm guessing more then 20 years old, but they went on without problem. The Maple leafs were not very crisp, so I used some spare Leading Edge Models decals here to sharpen the plane up.

Being an Airfix model, it came with a display stand.  HAD to use the display stand.  Its pretty wobbly but the wheels up look best.


Photos and text by Shawn Phantom Weiler