1/48 ESCI Aermachi Mb-326gb

by Pablo Girgulsky



Part 3 of this trilogy is about an Italian jet, which was a bestseller worldwide in the 70's.  The Argentine navy selected the GB export model which started operating in 1969.  Later, after the Malvinas war in 1982, Brasil sold some Mb-326 built under licence by EMBRAER.  The original models got British engines and no spares may be asked, this was  a kind of solution, supposed for a little while, for almost 15 years.  During the war, some 326's did some close support missions, with little success.  This was the only jet capable of operating from the airfield in Malvinas, thanks to their roughness. 

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This ESCIi kit features a very nicely engraved panellines and general detail, except for the cockpit, which was improved with new side panels, and some extra stuff for the seats.  I use the decals for the instruments (I felt lazy!!!!).  The flaps were cut off, enlarged in place and dropped.  The rudder was also cut and put in a different position, and so were the ailerons.  I added some wires in the wheel wells and that's all.  This model sits so low that nothing is noticeable of the bottom...

The decals  are from Aerocalcas and the color scheme is the early one (one plane remains at the museo naval with this camo).  Lately, the Aermachi were painted in a low vizibility scheme of greys....

Hope you enjoy this 3 kits, greetings from Buenos Aires........

1/48 Monogram At-6 Texan by Pablo Girgulsky
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Photos and text by Pablo Girgulsky