1/48 C&H Aero Miniatures F-100 F

Super Sabre 

by Peter Doll



This is my just finished model of a twoseat Super Sabre using the C&H Aero Miniatures resin conversion kit and the Monogram F-100 D in 1:48 scale as a basis.

Building the model was absolutely no problem, but you should already have some experience working with resin. The conversion kit from C&H is excellent and details of the "F" are nicely reproduced. Some sanding is necessary when fitting the parts of both models.  The only point of criticism is the cockpit interior offered by C&H, which could  more detailed; here your modeling skills are needed to reproduce an authentic "office" for the Huns pilots.

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My special field of interest are the colorful US-Jets in bare metal finish stationed in Germany and France during the cold war. My model represents an F-100 F-5-NA, serialed 56-3730 "The Spirit"  stationed at Toul-Rosiere Air Base, France in 1958. The markings applied are those of the 417 TFS; except the national markings all decals are handmade. Serial numbers and US Air Force are dry transfers rubbed onto the model and sealed with a light cote of clear lacquer.

The whole model is plated with simple kitchen foil; all rivet details and panel lines have been removed and rescribed later onto the foil. As an adhesive I used a not too fast drying clear lacquer applied to small stripes of foil. After 10 or 15 minutes, when the lacquer starts drying slowly, I've pressed down the foil piece by piece onto the model.

You can use Bare-Metal foil too, but I always have problems to get small parts off the backing.

One point is very important: all parts that need paint, have to be airbrushed before applying the foil, because it is impossible to use any tape on the foil.  You can treat the foil finally with any kind of car polish and you'll be surprised seeing how the aluminium surface changes.  That's one of the reasons I never use the shiny side of the foil, because that's unrealistic. With a polish you can reach all shades of aluminium. Try it first on a junk model and you'll see it works. All you need is patience and time, much time !!!!!!!!


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Photos and text by Peter Doll